Foam Dressing

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Waterproof and breathable film 
Protect against external bacterial contamination and maintain a moist healing environment
Hydrophilic Foam 
Absorb wound more than 14 times of its own weight and reduce the risk of wound maceration
Ref. No. Description Packaging
FDH0505011040S Foam Dressing 2" x 2" 1 ea/po,10 po/bx, 40 bx/cs
FDH7.57.5011024S Foam Dressing 3" x 3" 1 ea/po,10 po/bx, 24 bx/cs
FDH1010011020S Foam Dressing 4" x 4" 1 ea/po,10 po/bx, 20 bx/cs
FDH1020011010S Foam Dressing 4" x 8" 1 ea/po,10 po/bx, 10 bx/cs
FDH1515011020S Foam Dressing 6" x 6" 1 ea/po,10 po/bx, 20 bx/cs