Anti-embolism Stocking Open Toe

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BGEcare Anti-Embolism Stockings are versatile designed for reducing the risk of thromboembolism in legs. 

It helps promote the positive circulation of leg blood flow and prevent venous embolism. BGEcare Anti-Embolism Stockings, crafted of a durable fabric made up of Lycra and Nylon, are well knitted to be able to stretch sufficiently to be easy to wear and remove comfortably. Graduated Compression Technology, which delivers a compression action to leg that is greatest at the ankle, decreasing gradually upwards the leg, is applied to the stockings, to support the venous system.

cB: Measure ankle circumference at the smallest part of ankle, right above the ankle bone
cC: Measure calf circumference around the fullest part of the calf
cG: Measure around the middle of the thigh at the widest point
ID: Measure from the floor to the knee
IG: Measure from the floor to the mid-thigh
Measuring Tips: 
Measure your legs first thing in the morning when swelling is at a minimum. 

Ref. No. Size Ship case
BGE20085KOX XL 72 pairs
BGE20078KOL L 72 pairs
BGE20061KOM M 72 pairs
BGE20054KOS S 72 pairs
BGE20016TOS S 36 pairs
BGE20023TOM M 36 pairs
BGE20047TOL L 36 pairs
BGE20085TOX XL 36 pairs
BGE22085KOX XL 72 pairs
BGE22078KOL L 72 pairs
BGE22061KOM M 72 pairs
BGE22054KOS S 72 pairs
BGE22016TOS S 36 pairs
BGE22023TOM M 36 pairs
BGE22047TOL L 36 pairs
BGE22085TOX XL 36pairs