Utility Drape

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Good bacteria resistance: resistance dry, wet microbial ability strong.

Strong suction fluid: fast absorption, drainage can absorb its own weight four to six times the amount of liquid.

Good anti-seepage: can withstand more than 100 cm water column pressure infiltration.

Amount of flocculant, fall less: the new composite material, material density.

Good softness: using multilayer composite non-woven fabric, soft and comfortable.

Less reflective material is blue, after processing, not easily reflection.
Ref.No. Description Packaging
SDU37.545S Utility drape 37.5*45cm 1 pcs/po, 60 po/pk, 4 pk/cs
SDU7590S Utility drape 75*90cm 1 pcs/po, 40 po/pk, 4 pk/cs
SDU180180S Utility drape 180*180cm 1 pcs/po, 22 po/pk, 2pk/cs
SDU150240S Utility drape 150*240cm 1 pcs/po, 16 po/pk, 2 pk/cs