Island Dressings

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· All-in-one dressing

· Ideal dressing for lightly draining wounds

· Consisting of non-woven fabric, acrylic adhesive, absorbent pad andrelease paper

· Intended to be used as a primary or secondary dressing over acute wounds, surgical sites, protecting the wound from infection

· Not made with natural rubber latex

Air Permeable Spunlace Nonwoven
For ease of application.
Maintain dressing integrity
Conforms around wounds and seals on all four sides.

Acrylic Adhesive
For secure fixation and leakage control.
Latex free,skin friendly 

Highly absorbent, multilayered wound pad
Reduce the risk of maceration.
Cushions the wound and absorbs drainage.

Release paper 
Protected layer

Adhesive Border Design
Eliminates the need for a secondary bandage or wraps to hold the dressing in place.
Protect the wound from bacterial infection and other contaminants while maintaining a moist wound environment to promote healing.
Directions for use:
1)Remove sterile island dressing from the package.
2)Remove one side of the paper liner. Place over the wound and surrounding skin.
3)Remove remaining liner. Smooth dressing over skin and wound.

Removal Instructions:
1)Gently press on the skin and lift an edge of the dressing. 
2)Carefully stretch the dressing along the skin to minimize discomfort. 
Order code Description Sterility Packaging
ID022.8015012S Adhesive Island Dressing, 2 in x 2-3/4 in Sterile 1 ea/po, 50 po/bx, 12 bx/cs
ID0404015012S Adhesive Island Dressing, 4 in x 4 in Sterile 1 ea/po, 50 po/bx, 12 bx/cs
ID0406012508S Adhesive Island Dressing, 4 in x 6 in Sterile 1 ea/po, 25 po/bx, 8 bx/cs
ID0408012504S Adhesive Island Dressing, 4 in x 8 in Sterile 1 ea/po, 25 po/bx, 4 bx/cs
ID0410012504S Adhesive Island Dressing, 4 in x 10 in Sterile 1 ea/po, 25 po/bx, 4 bx/cs