Sterile Surgical Back Table Cover

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Description Order Information
Single use only.
Ref. No. Description Packaging
BTC112112PS 112 x112cm (Reinforcement 50*112cm  Pack count 1/30
BTC112228PS 112 x228cm (Reinforcement 50*228cm  Pack count 1/30
BTC127228PS 127 x228cm (Reinforcement 75*228cm  Pack count 1/30
BTC150240PS 150 x240cm (Reinforcement 75*240cm  Pack count 1/20
BTC200240PS 200 x240cm (Reinforcement 100*240cm  Pack count 1/20
BTC112112SS 112 x112cm (Reinforcement 50*112cm  Pack count 1/30
BTC112228SS 112 x228cm (Reinforcement 50*228cm  Pack count 1/30
BTC150240SS 150 x240cm (Reinforcement 75*240cm  Pack count 1/20
BTC200240SS 200 x240cm (Reinforcement 100*240cm  Pack count 1/20