Who We Are

About Us

Boston BGEcare is a medical device company located in the Greater Boston Area. We specialize in business-to-business sales of disposable, single-use medical devices as well as contract manufacturing of customized products designed to meet the unique needs of our customers.

We offer innovative solutions to new problems by working with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to develop and manufacture custom medical devices. We strive to provide our customersprofessional service to meet all of their consumable medical supply needs.

The world has changed over the past few years. The global COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to unexpected challenges that affect everyone on the planet. At Boston BGEcare, we believe that a crisis presents us with opportunities to serve our customers and our community. We take a proactive approach to facing new challenges.

We Care

At Boston BGEcare, care is more than just a part of our name—caring is our mission. We care about our customers, their patients, our community, and our employees.

● We aim to meet our customers' changing needs and the challenges they present. Challenges require innovation, and we are committed to developing rapid and innovative solutions.

● We care about our community, both locally and globally. Sustainability is important to us. As a responsible corporate citizen, we must do what we can to find innovative approaches to secure a brighter future.

● We value each of our employees and their contribution to the company. We are growing a diverse and inclusive workplace that fosters equal opportunity and pay equity. We want the best for our employees so we can provide the best service possible.