Social Responsibility

At Boston BGEcare, we understand and recognize our responsibility by being a good corporate citizen. We work to create healthier communities by improving access and affordability and putting a healthy body, mind and environment. To a further mission, we’re working together to support all much-needed internship and community programs to make our local and global communities stronger while creating solutions to protect the environment and drive social actions to support the health of our world for future generations.

Our approach to corporate responsivity is to work hard to conduct our business in a sustainable and transparent manner, recognizing the importance of it to our customers and partners, as well as to provide opportunities that encourage and support employee volunteering and giving.

We are committed to building a diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace that values the unique perspective and contributions of all of our employees, our aim is to be an employer of choice and maintain an inclusive environment, and are committed to fostering equal opportunity, pay equity, inclusion and diversity through processes that drive equitable pay decisions and eliminate unexplained pay inequities.